Tuesday, October 9

The Voice Inside My Head

Maybe that's the wrong title for a post.
You probably think I'm some wacko.
I promise I'm not.
Let me explain myself.
Do you ever read something and think "Oh my gosh, I think that all the time!"
Well that's how I feel when I'm reading ECards.
I swear someone picked through my brain and decided to use my thoughts to make ECards.
It makes sense though, my name starts with an E hence the name ECards...
Okay I'm done.
Anyway, here's 10 of my favorite :)


why can't I ever think of these things to say? lol
Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie.
Just letting you know
every time

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/wherever you are in the world :)


  1. I love, love, love your list! They are all so true! New follower from Tuesday 10!


  2. I was telling Landon the other day that I thought maybe I was just kind of weird with things I liked and stuff, because nobody I know is into it, and then I started blogging and I feel like I found all these people who know EXACTLY what I am thinking.
    and I feel the same with ecards.


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