Thursday, September 27

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I'm the type of person to try something before I say I don't like it.
But one thing that I was a little leery about was riding a crotch rocket.
There was just something about them that scared me. 
Now I'm not unfamiliar with bikes. 
Anthony [the boyfriend] & I have ridden a Harley many times & I ride on the back of his dirt bike but there was just something about a crotch rocket that I was uneasy about.
I think maybe it was the fact that there's nothing behind you to support you.
You basically have to cling on to the driver & hope to God that you don't fly off.

Well last Friday night Anthony told me that his friend Billy got a new crotch rocket [a 1,000 to be exact].
He has a 250 as well so Anthony said that we would be riding that one.
When we first got on I didn't feel very comfortable.
I think I was afraid of wrecking.
But once I was one there for awhile, I got more comfortable.
Long story short, we went to get dessert & after we were done, Anthony wanted to ride the 1,000.
Let's just say that sucker was fast!

Green: 250 , Red: 1000
Also, last weekend Anthony finally got to ride.
These pictures are of Anthony & his friends Preston & Christian.

I really, really enjoy taking pictures.
Just the idea of taking them & then editing them gets me excited :)

Have a good day :)

Wednesday, September 26

Pinterest You Have Been Missed

So it's been like 23,423 years since I've posted by favorite pins from Pinterest.
Well have no fear, the Pinterest fairy is here.
I know, I'm lame haha
Let's just cut right to the chase so you don't think I'm even weirder than I really am.


That's true love... Owls mate for life 
"Eat Yourself Skinny" Pumpkin Mousse 
acid stained concrete flooring with gloss finish. interesting... 
That's it for today.
I just realized I have so much to show & tell you :)
But I'll save that for tomorrow!

Sunday, September 23

Greatest Surprise Dance Ever

Okay, so I found a really awesome video.
I think you'll really enjoy it too.
I would so want this to happen to me :)

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Friday, September 21

Friday's Letters

Dear Cali I'm glad you went with Mom & I on our walk last night. However, I just wanted to remind you that you're cat... not a dog :p
Dear Fall I [along with everyone else] am so excited for you to be here.
Dear Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie I am so glad I discovered you on Pinterest. You were delicious & my family loved you as well.
Dear Panda You were amazing on The X Factor. I hope you recovered from having Pneumonia.
Dear Honey Boo Boo I started watching a little bit of your show this week. Girlfriend, you need to learn some manners.

Thursday, September 20

New Blog

Okay, I made a new blog.
I know, it didn't take me as long as I expected.
Starting tomorrow, I'll get back to posting.
It feels good to start new.
Especially since I kinda know what I'm doing now haha
See you tomorrow :)