Tuesday, October 2

I'm a Tad Bit Crazy....

I found this super fun link-up over at The Vintage Apple and I just couldn't pass it up!


- I can't stand having chunks of fruit in my yogurt. If there happens to be, I will slurp my yogurt so that I don't have to eat the chunks. Every once in awhile a chunk will sneak it's way in and I find myself ready to gag.

- I don't like listening to people eat or drink. It makes me really uncomfortable and I hate the sound it makes.

- 99% of the time I end my text messages with a smiley face. I feel that if I don't people will think I'm being serious or that I'm grumpy haha

- I have an addiction to watching engagement and wedding videos. I could seriously watch them for hours.

- If it's dark out when I walk to my car I check to make sure there isn't a killer in my backseat.

- I get really nervous when I use the blow dryer. It makes me vulnerable.

- My mom and I have a tradition that the day after our birthdays we eat birthday cake for breakfast. We'll then eat every day for breakfast until it is gone. We'll sometimes eat it after lunch and dinner too.

- When I text, I always type in full sentences. I don't like the idea of not having proper capitalization punctuation. Hey, I'm not going to college for nothing.

What makes you a little crazy?


  1. Visiting from the link up! I'm with ya on the smileys during texting. I do that or I'll put "lol" at the beginning or end of every sentence haha.

  2. Found you via the link up!
    I do the same thing when i get into my car at night; i'm always terrified someone is ready to kill me. :)
    Your blow dryer comment made me laugh hard core. I would totally be afraid of using a blow dryer now after reading that but thankfully i have curly hair and my blow dryer never sees daylight. :)

  3. I agree with the smileys...or a "lol" or "haha"! I always check for serial killers in my car...but still worry I may look in my rear view mirror and see one staring back at me!

  4. Oh I am so the same-way with my texts, full complete sentences with punctuation and a smiley face or two!

  5. Visiting from the linkup! I'm a firm believer in the awkward lol, haha or smiley face so people don't think I'm being an evil grump!

  6. Visiting from the linkup and I am with you on spending time watching engagement and wedding videos, love em!!

  7. Visiting from the linkup! I am with ya on the smiley's at the end of each txt..i even go as far as the "lol's" or the "haha's"

  8. I love watching engagement videos too!!! Makes me so happy!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  9. I used to be so OCD about texting, and I still am to an extent. I hate when people abbreviate stuff like. "Txt me" What the?... You left out ONE letter. Quit being lazy! Haha!!!

  10. I am the EXACT same way about the whole "fruit chunks in yogurt" thing. Completely grosses me out! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  11. ohhhh my gosh, i check my backseat too!! and my boyfriend laughs at me every. single. time!


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