Monday, October 15

My Face Was Deformed

Thursday morning I woke up with what felt like a kink in my neck.
I didn't think anything of it.
I continued on with my day and it started to get worse.
Friday morning I woke up in so much pain and decided I should go to MedExpress.
I thought it was a pulled muscle and the doctor to me to take Advil and put ice or heat on it but if it got worse to come back.
Saturday morning I woke up and my face was so swollen.
Like to the point that I didn't even recognize myself.
My mom and I went back to MedExpress and I got tested for Strep, Mono, and I got an x-ray.
Have you ever been tested for Strep before?
Saturday was my first time ever having a Strep test done.
Let's just say I never want to take that test.
Every time the nurse would try to stick the swab done my throat, I would gag.
It was so embarrassing.
It turns out I had a Salivary Gland infection.
Who knew it was even possible to get an infection there haha
But I've been on Amoxicillin for three days now and my face is pretty much back to normal :)

On to my important things now...
And that's to get you motivated :)

 so true.. <3 
300 Abs
Yoga to start the day. 

Have a good evening :)

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  1. o no im so sorry about your infection. does not sound fun at all. hope it gets better fast!!
    thanks for linking up. love all the motivation you got goin on here!!



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