Wednesday, September 26

Pinterest You Have Been Missed

So it's been like 23,423 years since I've posted by favorite pins from Pinterest.
Well have no fear, the Pinterest fairy is here.
I know, I'm lame haha
Let's just cut right to the chase so you don't think I'm even weirder than I really am.


That's true love... Owls mate for life 
"Eat Yourself Skinny" Pumpkin Mousse 
acid stained concrete flooring with gloss finish. interesting... 
That's it for today.
I just realized I have so much to show & tell you :)
But I'll save that for tomorrow!


  1. Ummm... The bathroom- yes, please! After looking at that I don't want to step foot in mine. ;)

  2. That bedroom is fantastic in every single way!

  3. Stopping by from the link up! Newest follower! Couple of things: That bathroom...speechless! I want to crawl in to that bed with some coffee & a good book! Thirdly, can I put that kitchen into my house, puh-lease!? GREAT pins!

    Would love to have you stop by & say hi!

  4. That looks like the castle at Magic Kingdom...? Lovely! Hopping over form Vintage Apple. Happy Wednesday. :)

  5. wow that bathroom is breathtaking!!

  6. I love that castle pic - and the pumpkin pie dessert shot!

  7. love all the photos! that pumpkin pie shot looks soooo amazing!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie


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